Who We Are

Our Mission

Innovation Media Enterprises is solely focused on the industry of podcasting for businesses. Social Media is driving how we communicate and the demands for time and attention are at a critical mass. Marketers understand this struggle to get eyes and ears to pay attention to corporate and brand messaging. Innovation Media Enterprises is proud to provide the strategy, guidance, full production services and accompanying marketing efforts to create a lasting and influential podcast to elevate brand marketing strategy.

Our Founders

Erin (Smith) Gregor

Erin is from the Entrepreneur world, having sold a couple of businesses, she now focuses on helping companies grow through content and social media marketing. She also helps expand their outside the box thinking by introducing innovating companies to the businesses that need them.

Syya Yasotornrat

Syya hails from over 20+ years with a diverse background encompassing technology sales, IT recruitment, sales management, and hospitality. Throughout her years in technology sales, she successfully managed accounts in all sectors and markets, including Fortune 50, SMB, public sector, and channel sales management. Her many interactions with clients validated the importance of marketing messaging and quality of engagement in sales pursuits.  She noticed that the next generation of clients were focusing their time and self-education in transit, wanting to choose to listen on their own time and dedicating time during long commutes or travels. 


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