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Podcast Creation

Whether you're looking for consulting or for us to put it all together, we'll help you strategize the podcast that aligns best with your brand.

Launch Strategy

The podcast is only the beginning, and once you've recorded a few episodes, we will put together a strategy that ensures you take advantage of those precious first few months of your launch.

Hosting & RSS Feeds

Creating the perfect podcast is only the beginning, and Spotify and iTunes aren't the only places you should be. We can set up your hosting and make sure your podcast is listed in the most important directories.

Intro & Outro Scripting and Recording

We help you create the perfect intro and outro, by finding the voice talent, writing the script, and putting together the perfect music for your brand.

Show Notes & Transcription

Show Notes, Transcriptions, and Closed Captions for any videos are a crucial component to any podcast. We will also help you make sure you're utilizing SEO to connect with more listeners.

Show Scripting & Storyboarding

If you don't want to think about what you're going to say each week, then we will gladly take that off your plate. We will create each episode that aligns with your podcast and initiatives.

Editing & Tagging

From ummms, ahhs, and long spaces to making sure all levels are perfect, we'll create a podcast that sounds professional. We'll also tag is appropriately to make sure it gets discovered by your ideal listener throughout various directories.

Marketing & Graphics

Publishing is just a small part to your podcast's success, and it's crucial that you're marketing your podcast to utilize this tool. From graphics to social posts, we'll execute a strategy that keeps your download numbers growing.

Package Pricing

(These packages do not include recording time)

Podcast Production


Per Episode (Up to One Hour)

IDE3 Tagging

Full Editing, including all removal of umms and ahh's, long pauses

Publish to your podcast host site

Leveling and optimizing of audio

Intros, Outros and Promos Added

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Production & Marketing Suite


Per Episode (Up to One Hour)

Everything from Podcast Production +

2 Social Media Posts for 3 different social channels - including audio grams

SEO Optimized blog post creation and publishing

Video creation for YouTube plus SRT file for Closed Caption

Custom image creation

KPI definitions and monthly reporting

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Enterprise Production & Marketing Suite


Per Episode (Up to One Hour)

Everything from Production and Marketing Suite +

Advanced production

Storytelling expert to script episodes

Scheduling of interviews for content

Scheduling of guests

Project Management

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Other Services

Launch Strategy - Starting at $2500:

  • Assist formulation of podcast strategy including planning, story line and production workflow
  • Identify targets and KPI for podcasting/video strategy
  • Identify key players for execution
  • Collaborate with the current marketing team on storyboarding and execution of podcasting/video strategy
  • Provide a podcast strategy deliverable, either for internal or external execution
  • Scripting and recording of intro and outro
  • Cover Art creation
  • Hosting and distribution set-up

No Brand Is the Same

Therefore, no podcast is the same. Let's take your current needs and ideas, and we'll create a custom quote for you. Click below to connect with us to set-up your free consultation and get your custom quote.

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