Three Podcasts Friday - Three Branded Podcasts You Should Be Paying Attention To (10/11)

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2019

Businesses are increasingly seeing the value of podcasting, if for anything, communicating with their client base. This week, Oracle, Momenta Partners and Business Insider demonstrate the types of content that generate a loyal audience as well as build a community. 

Oracle - The Oracle Groundbreakers podcast is definitely niched to the vocal and loyal developer crowd. This is not meant for every listener, as this is technical, but very valuable for fans of Oracle and modern software develpment. With over 300+ episodes, this is a well established, digestible podcast for developers.

Momenta Partners - Uncommon Perspectives - Takes a unique approach in that they have multiple podcast themes under their branded name. We've highlighted Uncommon Perspectives for their unique guests as they share pivotal experiences, lessons learned and critical insights into the impact of emerging technologies on business, society and humanity. 

Business Insider - This is Success - Business Insider is a business focused site and although, they are technically media, their podcast is an interesting podcast on conversations with today's most inspiring business, sports, entertainment, and government leaders. They offer insightful stories and useful advice about how to get to the top.



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