Three Podcasts Friday - Three Branded Podcasts You Should Be Paying Attention To (10/18)

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2019

Let's hear about the Ladies! In honor of the historic all female spacewalk, we've curated some leading female podcasters, either representing corporate brands or their own personal branded business.

Jodi Flynn - Women Taking the Lead - Jodi is an executive coach, workshop leader and a community leader to drive women leadership. Her podcast caters to the type A personalities and guides women on common challenges as executives, professionals and parents.

Girl Boss - Girl Boss Radio Podcast - Founded for the professional millennial female, they curate content to help support and build the female community. Podcast host and Founder, Sophia Amoruso highlights and digs deeper into female entrepreneur successes and hard, but learned lessons.

Chic Media-  Rise Podcast - Rachel Hollis is a best selling author, founder of Chic Media and hugely popular blogger. She's managed to expand her empire to hosting live events and speaking engagements, and is an "unapologetic" motivational powerhouse.


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