Three Podcasts Friday - Three Branded Podcasts You Should Be Paying Attention To (6/7)

art food podcasts security Jun 07, 2019

We're excited about this week's list because it has one of our favorite brands and former guest on our Innovation Calling podcast. (Click here for a link to the episode.)

We love featuring brands who are utilizing podcats to build and enhance their brand. Join us every Friday as we link to our favorites.

Too Sick - Too Sick comes from the geniuses at Meow Wolf. Meow Wolf is not only a huge pioneer in creating experiences with immersive technologies, but they're also an incredible story of making something amazing out of passion. Meow Wolf is eccentric and definitely their own brand, and their podcast is the perfect extension of this.

Learn more about the company with behind the scenes discussions with some key people within their brand.

Think Like a Hacker - Think Like a Hacker is the perfect brand podcast for a company that helps to prevent your website from getting hacked. This podcast takes us on an inside look into the world of website security with a combination of current events discussions and interviews with some of today's top experts.

They've combined audio plus video and helps to give even the most non-technical people an understanding of what they need to know to keep their website and data safe.

Why We Eat What We Eat - Why We Eat What We Eat was Blue Apron's fabulous podcast providing in-depth looks into not just food, but the people behind creating fabulous dishes.

I usually like to highlight current podcasts. However, I'm so disappointed that this one hasn't published a new episode for two years that I'm secretly hoping by featuring this, the Blue Apron hire ups will listen and Season 2 will be on its way. 

This podcast is storytelling at it's best, highlighting stories and people behind the food that we love. You'll be inspired to cook more, share a meal, and make healthier eating a bigger priority in your life. (Therefore, hopefully ordering some Blue Apron for your busy schedule.)


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