Three Podcasts Friday - Three Branded Podcasts You Should Be Paying Attention To (9/20)

Discovering new podcasts from major brands is always exciting, especially if there are multiple podcasts tailored to each business unit's respective audiences. This week, we're highlighting, IBM, Nintendo and Google.

GoogleGoogle Cloud Platform Podcast focuses on exactly what is in their title. This is a great podcast for the technical audience or technically savvy folks who want to go deeper than the cursory conversations on AI, Data Sciences and numerous complementary technology vendors.

IBMMaking Data Simple podcast highlights broader stories around discussing Big Data and AI. Most notably, Seth Dobrin has had guests range from IBM employees on their career stories to the state of analytics, particularly around marketing.

Nintendo - Nintendo Power Podcast  - What else would you want to learn and hear about Nintendo games but through the eyes of Nintendo! Their trio of hosts discuss the merits of games, gameplay, state of industry updates in an easy, lighthearted discussion.


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