Three Podcasts Friday - Three Branded Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

What companies are utilizing podcasts in the right way?

Well, we're here to tell you. Every Friday we'll feature three podcasts that are using this medium in creative ways. Take a listen and take notes!

Today's three are:

Hello Monday - Hello Monday is LinkedIn's podcast that puts a different twist on interviewing some of today's top names in enterprise companies and start-ups, alike. Instead of focusing on the rise to the top, it explores the moments of hardship, failure, and the nature of work at large.

Not only will you be inspired, but you'll learn to look at your work from an entirely new perspective.

Toyota Untold - Toyota Untold provides you with an inside look into the genius, innovation, and development of Toyota. As someone who isn't a car buff, but who loves innovation, I love this podcast because you truly get to be on the inside of a great company and learning more in-depth of what makes them great.

As a company leader, you'll walk away with some great takeaways about how to view your company from a different perspective. You'll also learn what it takes to become the world's 9th Most Valuable Brand!

Amazon AWS - Most companies think of podcasts in a way to attract customers, but this podcast is the perfect example of knowing your audience. I'm not a developer, so I'll be honest, this isn't a podcast I will add to my feed.

However, this is the perfect podcast for those who do utilize Amazon AWS, or looking into utilizing this tool and getting into the nuts and bolts of features, along with how other companies are utilizing it.

Amazon uses this medium beautifully to connect with their user base and give them first-hand looks at new features and product education. Podcasts are a great way to humanize a brand and this is the perfect example of this.


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