Three Podcasts Friday - Three Branded Podcasts You Should Be Paying Attention To (7/26)

It's time for another Three For Friday corporate branded podcasts! Let's take the stethoscope out and point it at some great hospitals and a medical publication that are leveraging podcasts for their patients and community. Clevelend Clinic, New England Journal of Medicine and Oroville Hospital all do a great job with their targeted audience and deliver content that is perfect for their business.

Oroville Hospital - Growing Healthy Together Podcast services the Butte County and Northern California residents area with an informative conversation with medical professionals on various topics. The podcasts are compact with short and insightful topics in under 15 minutes. 

New England Journal of Medicine NEJM This Week is not for the common layperson, unless that common layperson has some background in medicine. NEJM This Week provides a summary rundown of news in medical research, reviews, and perspectives.  That being said, do not assume...

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