Three Podcasts Friday - Three Branded Podcasts You Should Be Paying Attention To (6/21)


It's Friday which means another three podcasts to feature, who are using this medium to highlight their companies, deepen their relationships, and start conversations around topics that matter most to their customers.

Three different businesses and three very different ways to use podcasting.

The Barney's Podcast -  The Barney's Podcast - There are a few things that we want to point out for this podcast. First, it's the perfect example of using podcasting to talk about your industry. Barney's highlights trailblazers, not just in the fashion industry, but those who are leading by utilizing creativity.

The second thing that Barneys does well is making a shift in the discussions when they see fit. Here's the deal on podcasting, many think that once you start a podcast the format is set in stone. However, you can switch when needed, and that's exactly what they did for Season 3. Instead of just fashion and creativity, they took on having conversations with...

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Three Podcasts Friday - Three Branded Podcasts You Should Be Paying Attention To (6/14)

Talk about diversity in podcasts!

We're highlighting how three different industries are sharing their stories and appealing to their targeted audiences. Join us every Friday to see how podcasts are enhancing brands!

GUCCI podcast - There is a reason art, music, and fashion are intertwined in the creative process. The GUCCI Podcast does a great job of showing the audience that incredible fashion can be derived from inspirational musicians and artists. Also, who doesn't want to find a great new musician to fall in love with their music?

The Cisco Learning Network Podcast - Cisco is a well-known technology company and in their circle, most folks in networking are certified on their platform. Whether it is a first-time listener or someone needing to refresh some knowledge, this podcast focuses on education and keeping skills sharp. This is a great way podcasts are helping to maintain the education for certifications!

The Energy Podcast - Shell's The Energy Podcast does a great...

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